Miami's Coolest Consignment Emporium. Come Experience it.  

About Us

Are we a consignment store?
A thrift store?
An antiques store?

The answer is yes, but at TWICE we are greater than the sum of these parts. Here you'll find gently-used clothing (vintage and contemporary); a 1960s alligator bag and a pair of almost-new Manolo Blahnik shoes all cohabitating joyfully. Explore a bit more and you'll discover a 1930s Art Deco bar, hand-made Suzani blankets and an original painting by one of the Cuban masters. Estate jewelry, Bohemian glass, kitschy home decor and carefully-chosen designer accessories round out the experience.

And that's really what TWICE is. An experience in discovery of pre-loved treasures that are looking for their next turn as tomorrow's heirlooms. Imagine a carefully-curated shopping trip through not only different parts of the world but also different eras.  

Pro tip: TWICE is a store that is very much alive, which means you'll want to visit often. New things come and go daily so aggressive, pro-active treasure hunting is encouraged.    

About the Owner 

On March 1, 2011, after 27 years in business, TWICE was purchased by Carmen Franchi de Alfaro, who redesigned the store back to its original boutique elegance. Carmen, a self-retired television executive focused on branding, production and development, takes TWICE from store to Experience.   

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