Miami's Coolest Consignment Emporium. Come Experience it.  

How To Consign

You don't know it but your house is full of money.

The concept of consignment is as old as time. Simply, you bring us the things you are no longer attached to and we sell them. You make money and don't have to do a thing.

What you need to know about consigning with TWICE:

What we accept for Consignment.
When considering items to bring us for consignment ask yourself, "Would I buy this today?". If the answer is yes, we probably want it.

- Clothes and accessories. Must be fashionable and in excellent shape.
- Shoes. They should be in new or like-new condition (purchased within the past 5 years)..
- Designer bags. Authentic only, TWICE does not sell designer fakes.  
Jewelry. From handmade Bohemian pieces to estate, fine and vintage baubles.
Furniture and Home Accessories. Vintage, funky, unusual, quirky and elegant. (Please call us to make arrangements for larger pieces.) 
- Art. Contemporary, ethnic, obscure and fine, we can't get enough of it.  

When to Consign.
- February to July for spring and summer items.
- August to January for fall and winter items.

Terms of Consignment.
- Consignor receives 45% of selling price.
- For high-ticket items, price expectations will be discussed. However, TWICE reserves final pricing authority.
- It is the Consignor's responsibility to contact TWICE within four weeks from the time of consignment to check on their account's status.
- You should call us to arrange for payment of your sold items once a month. Checks will be mailed upon request.

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